Wednesday, December 14, 2005

As Sisters in Zion

I am losing one of my visiting teachers this month. Not only is she my visiting teacher, but she is also a good friend. Both of my visiting teachers are wonderful women, and I like to think they each have a role. Janet is my "mental needs" VT... she makes sure my sanity is intact. Tami is my "spiritual needs" VT... she always gets me thinking about what I need to improve on. Together they are an amazing team! They both set a great example for me and give me lots to think about.
Yesterday they brought me a message about the Savior. In our discussion, Tami mentioned that it used to be the first person she would go to with good or bad news was her mom or her sister. Then one day, it occured to her that the first person she should be going to was Heavenly Father. He knows our heart and wants us to share our joy and heartaches with him. Of course, I have never had any problem going to him in time of trial, but I am less good about going to him first in time of joy. I really need to work on that.
The women in our ward are all so wonderful. They are great examples of hard work, charity and faith. I am grateful that Elliott and I were led to a life in Indiana, and that I can learn so much from all the wonderful sisters here.
Tami- I love you! Thank you for your wonderful example and all that you have done for me. You will be missed!

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