Thursday, December 15, 2005

The hills are alive with the sound of Godzilla

One day Ethan couldn't stop singing. He sang at the breakfast table, he sang all morning, he hummed through lunch, and kept it going right until dinner.
While we were sitting at the table, Ethan sang, "Can I have some milk please?" So I sang back to him, "Yes, you can!" Elliott's comment was, "I feel like I'm living in an opera!" We all had a good laugh, but sometime it does feel like we are living in an opera.
Ethan could hold a perfect tune at the age of 20 months... before he could talk! The first songs we recognized were from the Primary CD. He soon was singing music from movies, and seemed particularly fixated on the Star Wars soundtrack. He would ask us if we could guess whose theme song he was singing. We had no clue, of course, but it was funny to see all the different tunes he knew.
Just when I thought I couldn't take any more Star Wars, Ethan found a new love... Godzilla Movie soundtracks. How I long for the days of Star Wars! I never knew there were so many monsters that Godzilla went against. Ethan can sing all the moster themes and some parts of the soundtracks that aren't even themes, like the intro to Godzilla versus Mothra. He is also obsessed with drawing Godzilla. Elliott has taken to bringing home the scrap paper from his office to keep our growing paper tab from outreaching our grocery bill! Godzilla has been drawn fighting many different monsters-- King Kong, Santa Claus, a giant sewing machine (that one was for me!) and countless other objects and things.
Ethan does occasionally take a break from singing Godzilla music... only to replace it with music he is learning at school for various programs his class puts on. Right now they are getting ready for Christmas, so we hear renditions of Silent Night, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Away in the Manger, to name a few.
Although the endless humming does try our patience at times (we had to institute a no-singing rule at the table) I know we will be sad when Ethan no longer sings for us. It is just his personality, and one I am looking forward to seeing grow. Maybe he has a future in... opera?


Leslie said...

I love how he sings, it's so sweet, although, I know as a mom, sometimes it can drive you crazy, no matter how cute it is. :) He's getting really good at drawing Godzilla! Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Love to read about the kids. Ethan surely shows that he is one happy and loved boy or he wouldn't sing all of the time.
Today is a special day because it is Ginger's birthday and I didn't get a card sent in the mail but was thinking of you all day.So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special grandaughter,

Love you all

Anonymous said...

This picture introduced Bentley to the world of Godzilla and King Kong. He's crazy about the King Kong trailer.
Ethan is a great artist!