Monday, January 02, 2006

B*I*N*G*O* and Bingo was his name-o

It's official... Ethan is a reader! He got some new beginning reading books for Christmas, and Elliott sat down with him the other day to help him. He already knew most letter sounds, and loves to write stories (with help from mom and dad) for the pictures he draws. He was going along really well in the beginning readers, and yesterday, after church, he just sat down by himself and started reading. I was so proud. We are going to go to the library later this week to get more books at his level so he will have a little variety.
When I was growing up, the beginning reader books were the Dick and Jane books. I remember sitting on a little red stool in the kitchen (that had the saying "step up to be tall, sit down to be small" painted on it), reading the books out loud to Mom, the summer before kindergarten. We always participated in the summer reading program at the neighborhood library, and looked forward to the end of summer celebration.
I still love to read. Jane Austen is my favorite novelist... her books really get to the core of human character. I have read every book she has written, along with one she started that was finished by a different author, and a follow up to Pride and Prejudice written completely by someone else. I also enjoy biographies... my favorite so far was of Mary, the spanish Tudor (Henry VIII's first wife). What a sad life. I am about to start a bio I got for Christmas from my Dad about a Swedish queen who abdicated her throne. I'll let you know how it is!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ethan! That's so exciting. John has been teaching Bentley words. It will be so fun when he can read. I wish we were closer so the boys could play together, but your blog is the next best thing. It's great to read about your lives!

QuiltingFitzy said...

My kids each made a book in grade school, I know I've seen these blanks at the teacher's store...every few years they pull out all 3 of them and just HOWL at the stories, the kids think they are so funny...and I am SO proud of what they were and what they have become!

Give your young man an extra hug.

Anonymous said...

This Great Grammy could not be prouder with such wonderful great grandchildren and grandchildren. Ethan is doing GREAT!