Sunday, January 01, 2006

California Dreamin'

Well, we made it back home from a week in California. It was supposed to be high 70's to low 80's while we were there, but lucky for us it rained and was chilly! I might have actually wanted to move back if it had been better weather! Here are Ethan and Emma on the one warm sunny day we had.
It was fun to see everyone though. I hadn't seen one of my neice and nephew since March. They are so old now! And of course, Christmas dinner was so good! My aunt Patricia and her son Michael came to visit too. We decided she and my mother will have to fly out maybe in the spring or fall and we will go to Amish country.

On a sad note, Hisser has died yesterday. We aren't really sure why. It is possible he was too cold. He had been moving pretty slowly and not eating. I put his terrarium down next to the heating vent to see if that would help, and the next day, when we checked on him, he was legs up! We had a little burial ceremony today in the backyard. You can check out Elliott's blog for some pics.

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