Friday, January 20, 2006

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar...

You may recall my post several weeks ago about shopping with Emma. It is generally disasterous. Yesterday was no exception. Elliott met me, Ethan and Emma for lunch yesterday, and then we went to the mall to do some exchanging. It was disasterous from the moment we got out of the car in the parking lot. Elliott was on a phone call in his car several spots away from us, but he could hear Emma screaming at the top of her lungs. The problem? I had unbuckled her seatbelt instead of letting her "help" me. She did okay at Q'doba... she was eating a favorite of beans, rice and cheese... but then at the mall she didn't want to cooperate. (Oh, wait, she did cooperate in GAP when she saw a dress she wanted me to buy for her... She's only 2, am I creating a Princess?)
Today, however, we went back to Meijer, and I think she is finally old enough and knows the routine enough that I may not have to put off trips to the grocery store. It helps that our market has free balloons and pink carousel ponies the kids can ride for 1 cent. I have started rewarding Emma for staying with me. She gets to ride the pony and choose a balloon AFTER the shopping is done. When she starts getting uncooperative, I just remind her she has to do what I ask if she wants a balloon. Works like a charm! I hope the store never stops giving out balloons! Ah, it was so pleasant and fun to go shopping with her today. This may be the start of a beautiful (shopping) relationship!


Anonymous said...

Emma is definitely her own little person. She is wonderful.
Love you all-just miss seeing you.
I just go and look at my Christmas Book! The blog pages keep me up on the goings on in the Parker, Court and Horn homes. Love them!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah Emma pretty much knows how we divas roll. ;)
Guess who has a blog now too!