Friday, January 06, 2006

Mini me

Princess Emma has decided that my new sewing machine is hers. I think it stems from the fact that when I got my new machine, Elliott took the old one (a Brother) off the table and told Emma it would be hers one day. I put the new Janome machine away for a while so I could finish piecing a quilt I started before I got it (that way the seam allowances will match), and put the Brother back on my sewing table. Two days ago Emma walked into my sewing room, saw the Janome sitting on the floor, and said "Emma towing machine!" I told her no, that was my machine, and of course, in the best two year old voice she could muster, said, "NO, MY TOWING MACHINE!" It was hilarious!
I am glad she has such an early interest in sewing! Actually, like her mother, she also loves fabric. She loves to play with the scrap basket at the quilt shop, and get into my discarded cuttings at home. Unlike her mother, she also loves to clean. If I ask her to put away the toys she dumped out of a bin, she says, "OK" and goes right over and gets it done. For Christmas we had to buy her her own broom and vacuum because she wouldn't let me do the chores without her "help". I know that this is the age when all kids like to do these types of jobs (mimicing their mother or father) but with Emma it really is a passion.

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QuiltingFitzy said...

Princess Emma REIGNS!

Maybe you should start a Hope Chest for her filled with FQ's.

What an adorable child.