Friday, February 24, 2006

Are they words on it?

Ethan has become quite the reader. He is at the phase where anytime he sees words he has to read them. When I read books to him, he will interrupt me all of a sudden and start reading words at any given spot on the page. He is getting very good at figuring out all the different sound combinations (the english language is SO hard!) I remember Andrew going through this same phase, and Elliott says he remembered it when he was a kid too.

Emma is discovering words too... The other day she was singing the end of the ABC song at the top of her lungs in the post office, and anytime she sees something with words on it, she says, "Are they words on it?"

One of my favorite parts of motherhood is seeing little minds develop and grow. Interestingly enough, this is just what my major (Human Development) was all about... I think it gives us a little inkling of what Heavenly Father sees as we progress through our lives.

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Pa said...

I appreciate your entries about the kids and the perspective it offers. Thanks for sharing.