Monday, February 13, 2006

My Favorite Dinner

Dinner in our house can be a trying time for dear old mom. It is hit and miss what my kids will eat. Tonight, though, we made a breakthrough. It just goes to show that if you force your children to eat something enough times, they may actually start to like it!

Almost every Monday night, for the past six months, we have had salmon for dinner. Salmon is easy to fix, easy to clean up, and I always feel extra healthy after eating it! I like to fix it by sprinkling it with dried dill, and then covering the top with lemon slices. I bake it in the oven at 425* for about 22 minutes. I like to serve the salmon with rice (cooked with 2 veggie bullion cubes) and peas (microwaved in a bowl of water for 3 minutes, what could be easier?)

When I first started cooking this, Emma would eat all of it (she call it "pink" and it has always been one of her favorites), Andrew would eat the rice and peas, and Ethan would eat only the peas (have you ever heard of a child who didn't like white rice???) Tonight, when Ethan asked what I was making for dinner, I expected the usual complaining. Imagine my suprise when he said he loves salmon, and proved it by gulping down his portion first thing. Andrew used a little ingenuity to decide he likes salmon when it is mixed with the peas and rice.

Everyone ate all their dinner tonight.. wow... I am one happy momma!


Jenny said...

Bentley would like to know what you ate for dessert. :)

Ginger said...

Hey Bentley--- the kids had ice cream cones... one of their favorites!

Leslie said...

Yummy! I love salmon too! I'll have to try that recipe, I have a really good pea/rice/basil/parmesan pilaf recipe that would go yummy with that. I'll send it to you!

Ginger said...

yummm, that does sound good... please send it along!

arthropodguy said...

I like that dinner too!