Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Warning *** this post has lots of "bathroom" talk!

uh-oh, I hope no one has stopped reading my blog due to lack of posts... I have been really busy with Primary, and then we had Elliott's parents in town. That was really fun, but kept us moving!

Today Elliott and I went bed shopping for Emma. That is right, she has graduated out of her crib... She is pretty wiggly when she sleeps, and the crib's size is too small. I guess I had better hurry and get her quilt made. I am most excited about this milestone because we decided when Emma gets her new bed, we are going to cut her pacifiers, so she can be done with them. Hopefully this won't be too truamatic!

Emma also is embarking on a second milestone... using the potty! Actually, I have been trying for a couple of days to get her to use the toilet, but she refuses to go on it... a little frightening I guess. Yesterday I even bought her a Cinderella Barbie (as the ultimate reward) and lots of princess and Elmo underwear. Each time she uses the toilet, she gets a starburst, and on her 5th poop in the toilet, she will get the Cinderella. However, she wasn't wanting to even get on the toilet, so I bought her a little toilet, which we dubbed her "princess" toilet. I am going to get princess stickers for her to decorate it with each time she uses it! She wouldn't get off of it this morning, although she didn't actually do anything in it yet. I am going to try again when she wakes up from her nap.

Wow--- this means she actually will be a little girl and no longer a baby...


stephanie said...

congratulations, emma! does this mean you are ready for another, ginger?

Jenny said...

Wow! She's growing up so fast! Good luck with the potty training. I've heard that girls are easier to train than boys. I sure hope so, because Bentley has been REALLY hard to train. He just tries to hold it ALL day. We've approached Maxwell with the idea of potty training, but he has NO interest and is terrified of the toilet (and almost everything else). I hope Emma likes her new bed and that losing the pacifier isn't too traumatic. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back. I really enjoy reading all of the blogs. Emma is really growing up toooo fast. But then children have a way of doing that! Love you all