Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Field Trip

Today Emma and I went on a field trip with Ethan's school to the police station. I think Emma's favorite part was getting to see the police dog... Unfortunately he was in his vest, which means he is working, so she couldn't pet him. I would have some great pictures, but I am deficient in digital camera skills, so none of the photos I took turned out.
The officer we talked to took us on a tour of the station, and we walked past a wall that had several wanted posters on it. I stopped to take a look, and was shocked to see a picture of a Book of Mormon on one of the posters. Apparently, criminals have taken to getting free copies of the B of M, cutting out a gun shape in the middle, and hiding their weapon within the pages. I was so astounded, I just stood there in shock for a minute.
While driving home, I was reminded that one time my parents had an LDS CHiP's officer over for dinner. He told us that once, there was a bulletin out for a White Chevy Suburban involved in a robbery at a liquor store, including alcohol. This officer saw a truck matching the description, and so he pulled it over, drew his weapon, and ordered the driver out with his hands up. A large Samoan man stepped out hesitantly with his hands up, wondering what was going on. The officer said they were looking for someone who had robbed a liquor store, to which the driver replied he didn't drink, he was Mormon. The CHiPs officer sat stymied for just a minute, and then asked the Samoan man to recite one of the Articles of Faith, which he promptly did. He was allowed to go free.
I guess that is a lesson for all of us... Memorize all the articles of faith if you haven't yet!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm back...

Not that I actually went away. I am just adjusting to the pregnancy. All my other pregnancies have been quite different. I usually throw up tons, and am fairly sick. This time, I was really nauseous for about a week, including "morning"sickness. I am still somewhat nauseous (and all that comes with that) in the mornings, but mostly I am just always exhausted. My new bed time is 7:30pm... many nights Elliott ends up putting the kiddos to bed on his own. I don't know what the difference is... but I hope this exhaustion wanes soon.

Really the reason I am writing now is to tell you about the awesome new show I am hooked on. It is not for the faint of heart, in fact, Elliott won't watch it with me.

It seems that everything I get pregnant I become obsessed with baby shows on TV... When I was pregnant with Andrew, I used to rush home from work for my lunch hour, and watch A Baby Story on TLC. The other two pregnancies saw me with less time to watch, but still the occasional lazy afternoon of baby shows.

This time around I have to watch the Discovery Health Channels show Babies: Special Delivery. These are all high risk deliveries. I don't know why I love this show so much. Maybe it is because all the babies triumph over their harrowing circumstances and survive. Maybe I just love blood and guts, who knows! Anyway, check your listings... it is a great show!

It is amazing how different each child's personality is. Do the rest of you moms notice this in utero like I did? Andrew was completely mellow in the womb. I had to constantly sit down and count his kicks in an hour, because he barely ever moved. Ethan was somewhat more active, and Emma was down right out of control. Those personality quirks have transferred over into life as kids.

Andrew is still my mellow boy. He would much rather read a book than run a race. He has found a new love though... bike riding. He is becoming quite good!

Ethan is slightly more adventurous than Andrew. For instance, yesterday he was jumping off the swings as hard as he could.

Emma is our little daredevil. She realized that if she pushes the stool we keep in the bathroom over to her crib, she can hoist herself up over the side in a kind of jump/leap. She showed me this new move today, and almost broke her ankle in the process. I hope we don't end up in the ER with her too many times.

I really just wonder what the new baby will be like. It is too early to feel him/her moving, of course, but I am kind of hoping for another Andrew...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ah, I can breathe again!

Elliott is back home after being gone for 3 days... He missed a lot while he was gone. Right after he left I noticed our bathroom toilet had stopped up, and no matter how many times I tried (3 separate sessions) I couldn't unclog it. Also, Ethan decided that 5 minutes after Elliott left was the perfect time to start throwing up, which he continued to do AT LEAST every 2 hours, (sometimes more often) for the next 24 hours. I took him to the doctor on the second day, where we discovered he had an ear infection which was causing the "sickness". After two suppositories to stop the weak stomach, and starting an antibiotic to help his poor ear, he is vastly improved. Emma and Andrew both had the flu to varying degrees last week, and are still in the process of recovering. As for myself, this week has seen quite a bit of nausea, with me not feeling like doing much.
Did I mention how happy I was to have Babe back?? When he got home last night he fixed the toilet in no time. After work today he took charge of the kids and dinner, including making me some yummy mashed potatoes to help calm my tummy. I can't wait to just hang out with him tonight. I think we are going to watch the new Pride and Prejudice. I would have to say he is my Mr. Darcy... Life is just so much better with him around!