Friday, March 03, 2006

Ah, I can breathe again!

Elliott is back home after being gone for 3 days... He missed a lot while he was gone. Right after he left I noticed our bathroom toilet had stopped up, and no matter how many times I tried (3 separate sessions) I couldn't unclog it. Also, Ethan decided that 5 minutes after Elliott left was the perfect time to start throwing up, which he continued to do AT LEAST every 2 hours, (sometimes more often) for the next 24 hours. I took him to the doctor on the second day, where we discovered he had an ear infection which was causing the "sickness". After two suppositories to stop the weak stomach, and starting an antibiotic to help his poor ear, he is vastly improved. Emma and Andrew both had the flu to varying degrees last week, and are still in the process of recovering. As for myself, this week has seen quite a bit of nausea, with me not feeling like doing much.
Did I mention how happy I was to have Babe back?? When he got home last night he fixed the toilet in no time. After work today he took charge of the kids and dinner, including making me some yummy mashed potatoes to help calm my tummy. I can't wait to just hang out with him tonight. I think we are going to watch the new Pride and Prejudice. I would have to say he is my Mr. Darcy... Life is just so much better with him around!


Jenny said...

Sounds like a horrible week. I'm so glad Elliott made it home. It's so hard to have husband gone when things are "normal" let alone when you are pregnant and the kids are sick. I hope they all start feeling better soon, and that you can survive the next 12 weeks or so. :)

ps did you get to watch the movie and how was it? I'm looking forward to seeing it.

The Queen said...

Yikes. That was worse than you let on. I'm glad Elliott's back, hope your nausea subsides!!