Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Field Trip

Today Emma and I went on a field trip with Ethan's school to the police station. I think Emma's favorite part was getting to see the police dog... Unfortunately he was in his vest, which means he is working, so she couldn't pet him. I would have some great pictures, but I am deficient in digital camera skills, so none of the photos I took turned out.
The officer we talked to took us on a tour of the station, and we walked past a wall that had several wanted posters on it. I stopped to take a look, and was shocked to see a picture of a Book of Mormon on one of the posters. Apparently, criminals have taken to getting free copies of the B of M, cutting out a gun shape in the middle, and hiding their weapon within the pages. I was so astounded, I just stood there in shock for a minute.
While driving home, I was reminded that one time my parents had an LDS CHiP's officer over for dinner. He told us that once, there was a bulletin out for a White Chevy Suburban involved in a robbery at a liquor store, including alcohol. This officer saw a truck matching the description, and so he pulled it over, drew his weapon, and ordered the driver out with his hands up. A large Samoan man stepped out hesitantly with his hands up, wondering what was going on. The officer said they were looking for someone who had robbed a liquor store, to which the driver replied he didn't drink, he was Mormon. The CHiPs officer sat stymied for just a minute, and then asked the Samoan man to recite one of the Articles of Faith, which he promptly did. He was allowed to go free.
I guess that is a lesson for all of us... Memorize all the articles of faith if you haven't yet!

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Leslie said...

that is crazy! what a bunch of losers, hiding their guns in the BofM! How are you feeling?