Friday, May 26, 2006

Baby Stuff

When Andrew and Ethan were newborns, they slept beside our bed in a bassinet. This particular bassinet had some major design flaws, mainly, the wheels stuck out quite far and had sharp edges that I was constantly cutting my feet on. After Ethan grew too big, I gave it away.

When Emma was a newborn, I borrowed Judy's bassinet, which worked out well, but now I am in Indiana, and in need of another bed for Sophie when she joins us. I looked at bassinets, but frankly, all but one I found are just too frilly for my taste. I like things to be girly, but not too frilly. I did find one I like, but then I saw these cradles, and I wondered if I should get one of them instead. I figured when I am done with it I can let Emma and Sophie use it as a bed for their dolls.

Have any of you used a cradle? How did you like it? These both have locking mechanisms to stop the cradle from rocking if you don't want the motion. I am wondering if the top one could get pushed over easily. I would probably leave the wheels off the bottom one, if that is the one we went with. What do you think?


stephanie said...

they are both so pretty! i think you are right about the top one tipping over, and taking the wheels off the bottom one is brilliant. what a great idea to let emma use it as a bed for her dolls when sophie is too big for it.

our fan is from the home depot. it is the hampton bay tripoli (it was really cheap!). i really like it, but i think it would be too small for your bedroom. our ceilings are 8 feet, but the size of the fan you get really depends on the square footage of your room.

Leslie said...

I like the second one. I think you're right about the first one tipping over. I know how kids can get over-zealous in their helpfulness, and you wouldn't want to worry about anybody spilling Sophie onto the floor! The second one is beautiful. We have had an 80-year old bassinet from Neal's family for both our kids. It's worked great for this long, we figure, why change? :)

tara said...

I had one similar to the second one and it is fabulous. It is the 'family' cradle in my husbands family and makes quick rotaions (= My husband had to rig it to lock b/c the original mechanism is lost. happy cradle shopping!
Leslies friend~