Friday, May 26, 2006

Hooray for Father's and Son's Outing

Tonight Elliott took the boys to the Father's and Son's campout. Emma was quite distraught that she was not allowed to go, so we had our own special Mommy/Daughter Spa Night. Right after the boys left Emma had a tubby (her idea) and then I put the sponge rollers in her hair. While we were waiting for our dinner to cook I painted her finger and toenails (sparkly purple!)
After dinner, we read quite a few princess and Barbie books. Next, Emma got to go to bed a wee bit early (isn't she lucky?) since she didn't have a nap today. I am about to go watch Northanger Abbey (another Jane Austen novel turned movie). Sounds like a good girls-night-in to me!

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Leslie said...

fun, isn't it, with no boys around? we had a great time that night, too.