Monday, May 15, 2006

Jane Austen Movies

Yesterday for Mother's Day Elliott watched the second half of the A&E Pride and Prejudice with me. (Actually, he fell asleep, but at least he was sitting next to me!)
I love all the Jane Austen movies... so today I decided to watch Sense and Sensibility. It is such a great movie. The director did such a great job of getting Jane Austen's sense of characters to come through. Their are so many little witty lines that you might miss, but that really add to the ridiculousness of certain characters.
Tonight we are off to the library for FHE, so I am going to see if they have Persuasion, another favorite of mine. Makes me want to go back to England for a bit!


joojierose said...

persuasion and sense and sensibility are by far my favorite jane austen flicks. i love them. they seriously do make you just want to go to england immediately. . .

tara said...

A&E's version of Pride & Prejudice is seriously my favorite, long, but good!