Friday, May 12, 2006

The Rain in Spain, I Mean Indiana

It has been raining here for the past couple of days. We had fabulous weather for Ethan's birthday party, and I managed to get my two rose bushes planted before it hit, but for the last two days we have been stuck inside our house, going crazy! I just read on the website that we are supposed to have rain for the next 9 days!! I have 3 daylillies waiting to be planted, and need to get to the nursery for some lavendar... We had quite a dry spell for a while, but I guess it is true here that when it rains, it pours.
Anyway, this is a boring post... I am just trying to stall putting the kids to bed...
Oh, and one more thing... Today I got the new Better Homes and Gardens magazine. There is an article about a woman with a high powered career who gave it up to start gardening her 2 acre property instead. The sad part is that when she told her teenage son her plans, he said, "Let me see if I've got this right. When I was little and wanted you around, you were gone. Now that I'm a teenager and don't want you around, you're here."
Too bad for my kids (especially Ethan, who tells me all the time he doesn't want me around) I will always be here bothering them... ha, ha, ha (insert evil grin!)


Leslie said...

he says that? what a stinker! enjoy the raindrops, we love 'em down here! it's so nice and green here all summer because of the rain, we're very lucky, unless, of course, those drops are accompanied by category 5 hurricanes. can you tell i'm stressed out about hurricane season? less stressed, more scared. :)

The Queen said...

Oh wow, that's way sad about the woman's son! Sorry about that rain, we have been at the pool lots this week and last!