Friday, May 26, 2006

Shame on Germany!

This article is awful. I feel so bad for these poor women, and am so grateful to be born to the good home and wealthy country that I was. (to see more discussion on this, click on the Mormanity Blog link)


joojierose said...

omg Ginger - I cannot tell you how appalled I am by that article. Sex trafficking is something I feel very strongly about, it is so pervasive and has been aided by technology and governments in the past - but this! This is absolutely absurd! Germany is famously bad about their prostitution policies. They tax prostitution and brothels, thinking they can make it legal and then money on it rather than prohibit it and try to crack down on the trafficking like Sweden has done. Sweden's prohibitionist policies have cut prostitution down 80% in their country! So I'm not surprised they are offering to boycott the world cup. Good for them.

But seriously - this article shows the very darkest and most evil workings of men on earth today. It makes me sick.

Leslie said...

Why are most men of the world so yucky? That is horrible!