Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey Moms--

Wow, some people will sell anything !

The Piano Man

Andrew has been playing the piano for most of the morning. For some reason this past week it just really clicked with him. He memorized 2 of his 3 practice songs (without being asked to), and my guess is he will get his new ones memorized too. He is doing a great job with his lessons!

A visit to the OB

Yesterday I went to the doctor to check on little Sophie. She is doing great... and her mommy has finally gained a few pounds, which made our doctor happy!
While the nurse was taking my blood pressure, Ethan was looking around, and found a basket with some tampons in it. He picked one up and said, "oh, Mom, can I have a popsicle?" The nurse and I couldn't stop laughing.
A little while before that, when we were walking into the building, a somewhat overweight nurse was walking into the building too. Emma pointed at her (she was right there with us) and said, "Mommy, is she pregnant too?" I was lucky enough to come up with a comment to the nurse about how Emma thinks everyone, including herself, is pregnant now that mommy is. Luckily the nurse had a good sense of humor about it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You just can't win, so DON'T TRY!!

Due to the fluctuations of hormones in my system, I am quite depressed and irritable lately. When I read this blog, I felt it summed up my feelings quite nicely... Various comments at the end gave me a good laugh too.


This is one of my worst nightmares... Especially when I am driving next to one of those flatbed rigs that has the huge cement cylindars on it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sophie officially has her first dress, and she and Emma will be matching for Easter. I found these adorable dresses on the sale rack at Gymboree... originally $49, marked down to $15! The picture doesn't do them justice.
I haven't been to Gymboree in ages, but I needed a quick shower gift, and Gymboree is so close. I love the clothes, but it is so expensive, and of course, I always want the full price items! I thought these would make perfect Easter dresses, and loved the price.
Of course, the shower baby got one of these too! I hope he likes. (I thought he was a she... oops)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What exactly is a volunteer?

My mother sent this article to our family. I thought it was interesting... most of what they consider "volunteering" I don't... for instance, I consider coaching your child's team, or doing a calling in the church, to be "organization maintenance". If you have an interest in seeing something go forward, I don't consider it volunteering. My definition of volunteering is more like making quilts for some group I am not affiliated with, working at a soup kitchen, etc...
Neither is wrong, I suppose, but it is interesting how volunteering can be skewed for helping ourselves.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Another interesting post

One of the blogs I tend to frequent has many people who take doctrinal issues, or things that the bretheren have said, and skew it to fit popular culture. I thought this was a great post for me to remember as I go through the various LDS blogs out there, and also as I deal with my own personal scripture study.
We Seek After These Things! Neither Shall There Be Disputations Among You

Are men better drivers than women?

The other day I was driving with all the kids in the car. I had two experiences about 2 minutes apart where I was at a stop sign and the person who was supposed to go was waiting for a personal invitation, I guess.
After yelling at the second woman that it was her turn to go, Emma wondered why I was yelling. I said something to the effect that these women were dingbats and couldn't drive. To which Ethan responded, "Then why don't their husbands drive them?"

Blogs of Interest

You may have noticed (but probably not!) that I have updated my sidebar, so all blogs are together, and other links are separate. I have found several LDS related blogs that interest me, especially those written by women. Check them out for some good reading. Please note that just because a blog is listed in the sidebar does not mean that I necessarily agree with what is being written on that particular blog. Also, just because the title has "Mormon" in it does not mean the writers always go along with LDS teachings.
Here is a very cute story from a blog I just discovered yesterday...
Mormon Mommy Wars: We Don't Say Stupid

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Princess Emma

We have called Emma a princess ever since she was born. Recently I realized she is actually starting to act like one. For instance, whenever she and I are going down the stairs together now, she tells me I have to wait until she tells me I can come. Then she proceeds down the stairs, and at the bottom, tells me I can come now. It is quite hilarious. I used to try to sneak down, so now she turns around every couple of steps to make sure I am not following too early. It is so cute, I definitely indulge her now... our own little joke!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hooray for summer!

Today was our first official day of summer break. To celebrate, I took all 3 kids to the grocery store (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment). Then we took Ethan to his tennis clinic. I think he did great for having never played before. We just have to help him distinguish between his tennis swing and his baseball swing. It could be a little confusing this month.
This afternoon the 4 of us went to the pool. Emma and Ethan both have Speedo vests, and Andrew is getting better at swimming. The pool was VERY warm. It was so great... we stayed for two hours.
The water is coming to a boil for pasta right now, and after dinner Ethan has a baseball game.
A busy day, but this summer should be quite fun! Poor Elliott... too bad he actually has to work again!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Little Boy is Growing Up!

Today Andrew won the first grade Spelling Bee at his school. He was up against the top 4 spellers in each class (there are 7 1st-grade classes in all), and won with the word "difference". Tonight we are going to take him out for ice cream to celebrate! Congratulations Andrew!

Oasis vs. The Beatles

What a joke this is! I guess Noel Gallagher finally got his wish of being more famous than the Beatles. Sorry Lauren!