Monday, June 05, 2006

Hooray for summer!

Today was our first official day of summer break. To celebrate, I took all 3 kids to the grocery store (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment). Then we took Ethan to his tennis clinic. I think he did great for having never played before. We just have to help him distinguish between his tennis swing and his baseball swing. It could be a little confusing this month.
This afternoon the 4 of us went to the pool. Emma and Ethan both have Speedo vests, and Andrew is getting better at swimming. The pool was VERY warm. It was so great... we stayed for two hours.
The water is coming to a boil for pasta right now, and after dinner Ethan has a baseball game.
A busy day, but this summer should be quite fun! Poor Elliott... too bad he actually has to work again!


Jenny said...

You're so brave to take them all to the store AND to the swimming pool! John and I keep talking about taking the boys to the pool here, and I'm nervous. We'll be outnumbered. :)It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. For our first day of summer we stayed home. :) No driving to joy school, preschool, or gymnastics! woohoo!

Ginger said...

I was a little worried too, since none of my kids can swim yet (uhg!) But those Speedo vests are amazing. Even Emma just floats and paddles around the pool with one on. I definitely recommend them. I also got "noodles" for my kids... those long styrofoam floating tubes. Those are great too.