Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Piano Man

Andrew has been playing the piano for most of the morning. For some reason this past week it just really clicked with him. He memorized 2 of his 3 practice songs (without being asked to), and my guess is he will get his new ones memorized too. He is doing a great job with his lessons!


Anonymous said...

Good job! He will play like his dad.

The Queen said...

Yay Andrew!!! We will have to hear some when ya'll come down in July. P.S., Mom suggested having James and Emily sleep over at her house when you guys are down there. James would love that!!

Anonymous said...

Please talk to your Aunt Cleo when you come to visit us; perhaps you can convince her how fun it is to practice an instrument.

I'm looking forward to hearing you play our piano; I'm also looking forward to hearing your Mother sing.