Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Princess Emma

We have called Emma a princess ever since she was born. Recently I realized she is actually starting to act like one. For instance, whenever she and I are going down the stairs together now, she tells me I have to wait until she tells me I can come. Then she proceeds down the stairs, and at the bottom, tells me I can come now. It is quite hilarious. I used to try to sneak down, so now she turns around every couple of steps to make sure I am not following too early. It is so cute, I definitely indulge her now... our own little joke!


Anonymous said...

It is okay that she acts like a princess because she really is one and the only one for a few more months then she will have to share her royalty with Sophie.
then there will be two princesses!

Leslie said...

ginger, we got a book at the library today called "emma in charge" about a little bear named emma who is in charge of all her "guys" and makes them do whatever she wants. you ought to check it out!