Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sophie officially has her first dress, and she and Emma will be matching for Easter. I found these adorable dresses on the sale rack at Gymboree... originally $49, marked down to $15! The picture doesn't do them justice.
I haven't been to Gymboree in ages, but I needed a quick shower gift, and Gymboree is so close. I love the clothes, but it is so expensive, and of course, I always want the full price items! I thought these would make perfect Easter dresses, and loved the price.
Of course, the shower baby got one of these too! I hope he likes. (I thought he was a she... oops)


joojierose said...

those dresses look adorable! and can i say again how much i love the name sophie? seriously - so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ginger, they are so adorable. Love the color. Princess' Emma and Sophie will be beautiful!

Jenny said...

So cute! I feel the same way about Gymboree - too expensive for the cutest stuff most of the time. I'm glad you found something cute and not over priced. :)

Leslie said...

super cute, you're sure it's a girl, right? :)