Thursday, June 22, 2006

A visit to the OB

Yesterday I went to the doctor to check on little Sophie. She is doing great... and her mommy has finally gained a few pounds, which made our doctor happy!
While the nurse was taking my blood pressure, Ethan was looking around, and found a basket with some tampons in it. He picked one up and said, "oh, Mom, can I have a popsicle?" The nurse and I couldn't stop laughing.
A little while before that, when we were walking into the building, a somewhat overweight nurse was walking into the building too. Emma pointed at her (she was right there with us) and said, "Mommy, is she pregnant too?" I was lucky enough to come up with a comment to the nurse about how Emma thinks everyone, including herself, is pregnant now that mommy is. Luckily the nurse had a good sense of humor about it!


Leslie said...

on my ob's appt-reminder phone calls, it says, "due to limited seating in the waiting area, we ask that you bring only one guest, and NO children." Nice. I did bring Parker to one appointment and the med students in the room successfully entertained him behind the curtain while the dr. checked me. i thought that was so funny. he had no idea what was going on. :)

Anonymous said...

out of the mouths of babes!

The Queen said...

Ohhh, nice save on the fat lady comment. Unfortunately I also had a fairly big mouthed three year old. Emily went through a faze where she was just a completely mortifying to take out in public. She asked Michelle if she was pregnant, commented on some woman's big boobs (althoguh that was a bit of a refief because I thgouh she was goign to ask why her tummy was so big) and she asked me what Shirley Sun's mole was. It was always so horrible too because I could see her mind working everytime and I was completely powerless to stop what I knew was coming. With Shirley it was especially bad because we had made it all through dinner and were literally about to leave when she asked. Oh well. The other day I dropped a juice box on the ground and she told me she would pick it up because my tummy was too big to bend over. Gee, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well.... what comes around, goes around! If I remember correctly, Ginger, it was you who while standing innocently in the middle of a very busy store, pointed to a woman across the way and asked in a very loud voice, "Mommy! Why is that lady so FAT!"
And just to be certain that I heard your question, you boomed it out twice more before I could put a halt to the performance. sigh.... I guess you were always meant to be a soloist.