Friday, July 21, 2006

The Karate Kid(s)

This article reminded me that the boys have been begging for "kung fu" lessons for some time now. I called and signed them up after reading this. We get 3 trial classes for $15 so the Master can check out their physical conditioning (ha, ha, ha). Then, if the boys are enjoying themselves, we will sign them up for regular sessions, and they will each get a free uniform... When I told Ethan I had signed him up, he asked if he could just do the karate at home. I said I thought it would be better to wait and do it at the TKD studio. But the next thing I heard from the basement was him asking Andrew if he wanted to do karate. Hmmm... I haven't heard any crying yet, I guess that is a good thing!
Stay tuned for pics!

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Leslie said...

we're signing Parker up for "real superhero fighting lessons" in the fall. i can't wait to see him doing it. it's not at a serious tae kwon do place, though, it's like an adaptive class at "The Little Gym," you know, since he's only 3. :)