Monday, August 07, 2006

Common Dates and Names

Going through more of our family records... I have 3 ancestors who are named Sophia. I think it used to be a common Swedish name.
Judy- did you know Ruby May Maxfield and Loma Roundtree Keene, mom's maternal grandparents, were married on your birthday in 1920?
Maybe I should start a family history blog too...

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The Queen said...

Hey cool! Did you know that Grandma Riggs spelled her middle name wrong her whole life, and that since I share the same name(or so Dad thought ; ) ), mine is spelled differently than hers? And, since I gave that name to Emily (without realizing it was spelled wrong) hers is now spelled wrong as well? I believe the proper way to spell it is Linnea, whereas Emily's and mine are spelled Linea. However, even if I had known that mine was spelled wrong before naming Emily, I still would have done it the same way.