Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This morning I put 4 samples of stain on the underside of my rush stool seats, chose the one I wanted, and went and got the stain from Lowes. While there, I also decided to get a sample of paint for our bathroom, which I just finished putting on the walls. On Friday I ordered fabric to make 3 new pillows for our family room couch, bought a new tree for the family room, and am currently debating running to Hancocks Fabrics to look at white fabrics so I can recover an armless chair in our bedroom (see picture; I mean, does it really match???)
Of course, I can't get any of these jobs done fast enough. We are also in the process of having all of our perimeter sprinklers moved so we can put border beds around the whole back yard. (Luckily we are able to pay someone to move the sprinklers... it is hard manual labor... plus it is in the 90's this week.)
Why do I feel the need to get all these projects done, and so quickly too? Do pregnant women go crazy because they know there won't be time after the baby comes? Is it psychological, or hormonal? I really don't know.
But I do know that the fabric won't get here fast enough!


The Wiz said...

I was the same way. nesting for me wasn't cleaning, it was decorating and home improvement.

I don't know if it's hormonal or psychological, but when I got pregnant for the third time, one of the things I thought was "At least I know I'll get that bathroom painted now."

Leslie said...

nesting is quite an amazing phenomenon. tomorrow we're tackling my fridge, i'm so excited . . . and tonight i have clean baby clothes to fold! hooray.
do you know how to reupholster or are you slipcovering that chair? you are very ambitious!

stephanie said...

i always feel that way. but i'm not pregnant, so i have no excuse. all of your projects sound so fun!

Ginger said...

I think I am just going to make a tight slipcover for it, but I am going to take off the current fabric... not sure what is under there!