Saturday, August 05, 2006

Our weekend in Chicago

For Christmas this past year, Lauren and David gave us a weekend away, so we chose to go to Chicago. We saw the musical Wicked, which was a lot of fun, and had fun walking around this amazing city. The architecture of so many of the buildings is just amazing!

Elliott was supposed to be taking a picture of the lighthouse that I am hiding, and a tall masted ship, which I am also hiding... hmmm, what happened there babe? Oh well, see Leslie, you don't look that big compared to me! :-)

There was an exhibit of tall ships moored around town... They were pretty cool.

The Chicago skyline... this is Lake Michigan, although it really looks like the ocean. Elliott and I walked about 4 miles this day... whew!

One for the kids. There was a LEGO store that was having a master building exhibit... This spider was about 4 feet big!

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Leslie said...

ginger, you look absolutely beautiful! i think that's so funny that you are covering up what you wanted pictures of, oh well, the belly will mean more than all of that anyway. looks like you guys had a fun trip! i've always wanted to go to chicago!