Friday, August 11, 2006

Vote for Joe

I was bummed this week to learn that Senator Joe Lieberman lost the democratic primary for his Connecticut seat. I hope that when he runs as an independant he has more luck. I believe he is one of the few democrats that has a clear vision of what he wants, and actually makes sense, and follows what he believes is right, rather than caving to pressure from his fellow democrats.
This opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal does a great job of explaining why we still need Senator Lieberman, and others like him, in congress.

By the way, if you would like a great source of news, I highly recommend subscribing to the Wall Street Journal. The editorials and opinion pieces are very well written (my favorite part of the paper, actually), and it not only has world news stories, but also many social commentary articles that are quite interesting.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree. i had to email my friend ali in india to tell her the news - we've always been supporters of joe lieberman as well.

stephanie said...

was that last paragraph aimed at me and my lame news sources?? i don't like touching newspaper. it gets my fingers all dirty. :) but don't worry, somehow i still manage to pick up on the important issues.

Ginger said...

The last paragraph wasn't aimed at anyone in particular... there are several women I know who don't really read newspapers... they rely on their husbands and the evening news (or worse, the morning news shows) for info on what is happening in the world. I just think there are better ways to be informed.

The Queen said...

Yeah, I have always been a fan of his.