Thursday, September 14, 2006

6 weeks and counting...

Okay, truthfully, it will probably be more like 7 weeks, but Sophie's actual due date is 6 weeks from today. I was thinking I had a little bit longer, not that I am complaining! I realized a couple of days ago there are probably a few things I should be doing, like washing her clothes, making sure she has clothes that will be sufficiently warm, and finding some cradle sheets.

Yesterday I went through Emma's boxed up clothes. I had forgotten how cute some of this stuff is! Luckily, since Emma was born at the end of November, I won't need to buy all new clothes for a different season. Most of Emma's old things are relatively warm, even though we were in California when she was born. I have supplemented Sophie's wardrobe with a warm fleece bunting for the first few months... I am hoping she will be warm enough!

How do people keep their newborn warm enough when going out in the winter in cold regions? I am planning on keeping several blankets in the car, and utilizing the new bunting. If you have had a baby in a place that is really cold in the winter, give me some tips... Just don't suggest not going out... With 3 older siblings it won't be possible to sit at home watching old 1950's syndicated reruns!


Leslie said...

my nephew says in the ukraine (Where it's really cold) people don't ever undress their babies in the winter. but then a lot of them don't have heaters in their houses either. what about one of those zip-over fleece car seat covers? and those super-cute hanna andersson pilot caps.

Jenny said...

Taking little ones out in the cold can be tricky, because they should not wear coats under their carseat straps. For older kids, the car seat techs told me to put the coats on them backwards after strapping them in - a big pain. I usually put them in hooded sweatshirts, keep a blanket in the car for each of them, and keep the heater on. For new babies, it's a little easier, because you can get them bundled up in their infant carrier and you can keep them in it. They have things like this
that go on the carseat. I've never splurged for one, though. I just put them in warm clothes and tuck blankets in around them. Then I lug the car seat around with them in it if I'm running errands, that way they stay bundled, and I don't have to redo the blankets a bunch of times. I'm really paranoid about carseat safety, so I hate to do anything that will make the seat less safe.

Six (or seven) weeks will be here so soon! When is your primary program? :) Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

I clicked over here from MMW and read this and thought I would comment. I had baby #8 this past winter. I dressed her in long sleeve/pant outfits with a little hat. No bunting but a blanket tucked around her in the carseat and another blanket to cover the carseat as we went from car to building. She was just fine. Usually cars and/or buildings are heated and I don't like to overheat my babies (I try to keep with the one more layer than I have method.) It is cold here, we have freezing weather with snow. Hope this helps!