Friday, September 01, 2006

Living Dangerously

Andrew is really into science right now (for his party next week he chose a solar system theme). One of the presents we got him for his birthday is a crystal growing kit, and on Wednesday we invited a couple of the neighborhood children over to help us make our first one, a glow-in-the-dark geode crystal. I made sure the kids knew the chemicals we were using were dangerous, and if they got any on their skin, they should go wash their hands with soap.
Everything went great-- no massive explosions from combining the wrong elements, no one getting burned, no one eating any of the chemicals... oh wait a minute...

About half an hour after we got done setting the geode in its watery solution, Ethan came into the office where I was working on Primary stuff. Here is the conversation:

Ethan - Mom, will you die if you drink the water for the crystal?

Me - no, but you might get really sick and have to go to the hospital.

Ethan (looking ghostly pale, as if he may actually die) - I drank the water.

Me - What?!?! No, you didn't.

Ethan - yes I did.

Me - No, you didn't really, did you?

Ethan - yes I did.

Me (starting to panic) - what??? oh no (at this point I get up to go find out what the poison control number is).

Ethan - I stuck my finger in and licked it.

Me (feeling much relieved that he didn't gulp it down) - Okay, let's get you a glass of water.

Yikes.... it was really scary for a minute. However, he seems to have no adverse effects... But from now on I will have to put the solution up higher than the back of the kitchen counter, I guess!


Leslie said...

that is so cute; his poor little mind thinking his life might be over. so sad! give that ethan a hug from us!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ginger! That is such a cute story. By the way, Happy Belated to Andrew - I was late in sending out his birthday card. By the way, what is your new email address? Can you email me? Liz Choi

Brent said...

I don't suppose Ethan will turn into a crystal. Do you think he might develop super powers?

Ginger said...

Maybe he will start glowing in the dark like the geode is supposed to!