Friday, September 01, 2006

My New Venture

That's right... After Elliott's burnout on attempting to make us money in the stock market, he has turned our stock account over to me! I plan to start making the big bucks any time now... Feel free to come to me when you are in desperate need of stock advice! :-)

I bought my first stock today, after reading about a company in the WSJ, and then doing a little more research on-line. The stock is currently at it's 52 week low, but hey, as they say... Buy low, sell high. I figure the company has no where to go but up. Maybe I'll even become a CNBC junkie now, which is perfect timing... When I am feeding Sophie, I will have nothing else to do.

Vivent les nouveaux riches!


Leslie said...

i keep telling neal we need to invest in target; it's going nowhere but uo, right? your thoughts, ms. p?

Pa said...

what did you buy?

Ginger said...

Okay Pa- no laughing when you look at the stock... :-)
I bought Dollar General stock. (DG on the NYSE)

Brent said...

Uhm. Stocks at lows can always go lower, as first-hand experience continues to show me. Hope yours heads up. Dollar General has stores in 32 states. Do you have them in Indiana?

Ginger said...

We have quite a few of them here, although I have never been to one... But I think this stock is poised to go up (with my fingers crossed!)

Anonymous said...

If you want good advice, contact your Uncle Rog...his advice is free and he'll help you understand more of the criteria necessary to really judge a stock.
He's made quite a bit of money in the stock market :)