Friday, September 01, 2006

That time of year...

This week started the main fundraiser for the boys' school... Selling giftwrap. I really dread these fundraisers. The items the kids have to sell are over priced, the neighborhood is filled with other kids trying to sell the same items, and now I have two kids that both want to sell lots of items so they can get a prize that isn't worth more than $1.

What I really wish is that the school would give parents an option... Either sell these items we are pushing (of which the school gets 50%), or make us a tax-deductible donation (for which the school would get 100%). I would even be willing to throw in a little $1 prize for my boys.

Anyone want to buy some gift wrap?


Brent said...

You're right. Too bad they can't sell good stuff, like the fruitcake we used to sell to raise money for our elders quorum years ago. That probably sounds funny, but it actually was the best fruitcake I ever had, from some Texas outfit.

Leslie said...

we got a little warning letter in our friday folders that fundraising starts here this week, too. oh goody. i buy 3 rolls of wrapping paper and 1 entertainment book, then i'm done :) i don't think my kids get that the "prizes" are related to how much you sell, so they don't care. yet.