Friday, October 27, 2006

The name game continues...

Stephanie tagged me for this game Leslie started, and since I have nothing to do while nursing, I thought I would play too!

The middle names of our kids are all grandparent names... That was the easy part, and we are thanking the angels that decide which spirit goes where, that we got 2 boys and 2 girls! :-)

The boys' first names were the hardest to come up with. We didn't decide on Andrew's name until 3 days before he was born. Elliott's family's suggestion of Mustaffah Habbib wasn't working for me! We threw around a lot of ideas, including Brent David, but
finally settled on Andrew, hoping he would never get the nickname Andy (although we don't mind Drew.) The name Andrew must have a magical smartness quality to it, because he is in the 2/3 grade combined gifted class at school, and there are 2 other Andrews!

Elliott came up with Ethan's name. I wanted to name him Isaac or Ian, but Elliott preferred Ethan, so we went with it. He thought Isaac David sounded a little too biblical!

Our first daughter is Emma Lauren. I have always loved both of those names, so it is convenient that Elliott's mom's name is Lauren! My favorite author is Jane Austen, and the title character in one of her books is Emma. I liked the name before it was repopularized by the movie based on the book!

Little Sophie Carla got her first name from her Dad. When we named Emma, we talked about having our next daughter's name be Abigail, and we would call her Abby for short. But on Elliott's side of the family there is a Sophie, and on my side there are several Sophia's in the family histories, so Elliott brought up Sophie as a name, and I loved it! Plus, it helped us break a trend of naming our kids with vowels to start their names.

If Sophie had been a boy, she would have been Clayton Elliott.

So that is our story... Judy and Jenny... Tag, you're it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

You'll laugh about it later...

My method of pain management during labor is relaxation. It is extremely difficult towards the end of labor, as contractions get longer and stronger, but definitely doable. This isn't to say the contractions ever stop hurting, but they are manageable if you can get your body to relax.

Lately, Emma is really into princess music. We listen to our assortment of Disney princess songs at least 3 times a day, so some of the songs really stick in my head. My current favorite is the "Belle" song, from Beauty and the Beast.

I tend to have one of those brains that can't concentrate on only one thing at a time. If I am on the phone too long, my mind sometimes wanders; or during boring ward council meetings I find myself thinking about lots of other things. So you can imagine my surprise when during a particularly strong contraction, I suddenly found the "Belle" song going through my head. It completely wrecked my concentration... Instead of thinking about relaxing my limbs, I was trying to get this ridiculous song out of my head.

Luckily, that was only for one contraction... After that I was back on track... Until...

Thanksgiving a little early, Part II

Elliott has already given you lots of early Halloween treats with pictures of little Sophie Carla. I have been trying to upload pictures for 3 days now, but blogger is not cooperating.

I had Elliott take a sideview picture of me the night before Sophie was born... it is so amazing to me that she was in my tummy as big and cute and fuzzy as she is... How do babies fit?

We are so excited to finally have her with us, in arms. She is a very sweet baby, the first of my newborns to actually sleep, like I have always heard newborns do! She is also a great nurser, and has probably gained back all of her initial weight loss. I was so suprised when the nurse weighed her at birth and told us she was 8 lbs 5 oz... At a week early, I expected her to be smaller. Emma was a week late (!) and she was only 7 lbs 5 oz, or something like that.

The 3 other munchkins could not love her more. The first thing they said after church yesterday was, "Where's Sophie?" It has been so much fun to see how they react to her.

Although it was painful, this was my easiest labor and delivery... and also recovery. I don't feel like I can run a marathon, but I also do not feel like I have been hit by a truck, which is usually how I feel for a couple of days. I think I did a much better job of relaxing through my contractions this time.

All in all, we are a happy family. I feel so complete now that Sophie is with us, and am glad she decided to join us early!

Monday, October 16, 2006

All I want for Christmas, Part II

At the top of my list are these gorgeous diamond cuffs (not bracelets!) Yes, it is true, I like bling bling! I am a simple girl though, so of course the one I want is the least expensive; the cuff on the far right, which is only $48,500. The other cuffs range from $63,000 to $128,000.

The description the Neiman Marcus catalog gives is as follows:
"Of course, these aren't the right gifts for everyone. Our exclusive precious jewelry pieces are for those incomparable, irreplaceable women we cannot live without. With these exquisite diamond cuffs, we enter the realm of soul mate, mentor, partner, parent. Like her, each is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime creation."
Well, girls, doesn't that sound like you? "Dear Husband" better have one of these under the tree for each of us!

All I want for Christmas

Andrew is probably looking forward to his two front teeth for Christmas, but I am aiming a little higher!
I thought I might go this route for Elliott:

It is the new Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition 2007 BMW Individual M6 Convertible. Elliott keeps saying he would like a convertible to drive around in on the weekends, and at $139,000 this car is definitely doable.

Of course, that wouldn't be quite enough present for my most amazing husband, so I was also thinking I would buy us one of 120 exclusive memberships to The Club at Castiglion Del Bosco.
Club membership in perpetuity is only $3,800,000. Doesn't every man deserve a little place to get away from it all?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Modern Miracles

No, not talking about the religious kind here... I am talking about the amazing things technology has brought us!

Today Elliott and Ethan got out a bunch of old photos we hadn't looked at in ages. Included in the plastic bin were our wedding photos, and an album. All the photos had been cropped, and organized, ready to put on pages, but I hadn't ever gotten to it. So, almost 9 years later, I finally put all the photos in the album.

I am so grateful for cameras. What a wonderful invention. They allow us to capture moments that may otherwise be forgotten. We saw many cute pictures of the kids, and remembered some good times. Elliott and I relived our wedding day and honeymoon, and had fun seeing all the poeple who came to support us for that wonderful day.

Cameras are truly an amazing invention. If you think about how a little box can capture an image and sear it onto paper, in color, it truly blows the mind. Then add to that the fact that nowadays the image can be uploaded "digitally" on wires to our computers (another amazing invention) and people all over the world can see it.

The knowledge and ability to do this is truly an amazing gift from God!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Children's Books

I love taking my kiddos to the library. It is free (usually), and we can fritter away time browsing and reading. It is so important to get kids reading early.

Two great books are "The Best Pet of All", by David LaRochelle; and "When Mom Turned Into A Monster", by Joanna Harrison.

"The Best Pet of All" is a cute story about a boy who wants a puppy, but his mother allows him to keep a dragon for a pet if he can find one. The illustrations, by Hanako Wakiyama, are my favorite part of this book. The clothes she illustrates for the mom rock! Ethan and Emma really liked the story too.

"When Mom Turned..." is a great story about a mom who turns into a monster when her children are not cooperative to her, and how they get her to change back into their mom. I love this story because I have had many days when I have turned into a monster myself.
After reading this book with the kids, I sometimes get them to be a little more cooperative by telling them I am going to turn into a green monster just like in the book. That injects a little humor into our situation, and they seem to become a little more cooperative!

A Little Echo

Yesterday, the kids and I were hanging out in the basement. Emma leaned back in her chair, put her feet up on the couch, and said, "My feet are so swollen!"

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving, a little early

Lately I have been thinking about all the things I am grateful for. There are so many, the list is endless, but here is a start.

I am thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Wow... Do I need this. I am so far from perfect, and knowing that Christ suffered for my sins so that I can return to HF's presence is overwhelmingly awesome.

I am grateful for the Priesthood. Especially the sealing power, which binds my family together for all of eternity. I love my hubby, my kids, and all of our parents, siblings, etc... To know that we will still be a family in Heaven gives me so much joy. I don't know how people who believe this life is all there is can function... It would be quite depressing I imagine.

I am grateful for Babe. He is the most awesome thing that has happened in my life. He is patient, loving, a great dad, patient, smart, honest, kind, patient, helpful, gives a mean foot rub, and did I mention patient? He is also and amazing artist, a great photographer, and an excellent cook. I consider myself quite lucky to have landed him!

I am grateful for my 3 awesome kids, and for the one coming to join us. They all have such different personalities, and contribute to my joy in different ways. Watching them grow and develop, and knowing that they are spirits HF has entrusted me with is an awe inspiring thing.

I am grateful for my house. It keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is very comfortable, spacious, and relaxing. The other day I was bemoaning my swollen feet, but I realized I am luckier than many women in the world in that when I am pregnant I can relax on the couch, or on my bed, and I am comfortable. So many people in the world live in lowly conditions, and I am grateful for the luxurious comforts I have.

I am grateful for my car. Even when gas prices where super high, one of the men at church said GMC should hire me as a salesperson, because I was singing the praises of my car. It keeps me safe in inclement weather, and gets me where I am going. It holds our family quite nicely, and we look good while going places too! :-)

I am grateful for my computer. What an amazing invention computers and the internet are. They keep us all connected so easily, and make life 100x's faster and easier to deal with.

I am grateful for the seasons. We are starting to get Autumn colors now. The trees are so beautiful. I love having 4 seasons in a year, because just when you get tired of one, a new one pops up.

I am grateful for my OB. She is awesome. Not only does she support natural childbirth, but she takes the time to get to know me and my children, and is very personable.

Okay, I have to go put my feet up, but consider this just number one of a series!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

How to tell you are close to your due date...

You get teary-eyed at everything, including, but not limited to:

1. Barbie in "The Nutcracker"
2. Listening to the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice
3. Reading a Disney princess book with your daughter
4. Making dinner