Friday, October 13, 2006

Children's Books

I love taking my kiddos to the library. It is free (usually), and we can fritter away time browsing and reading. It is so important to get kids reading early.

Two great books are "The Best Pet of All", by David LaRochelle; and "When Mom Turned Into A Monster", by Joanna Harrison.

"The Best Pet of All" is a cute story about a boy who wants a puppy, but his mother allows him to keep a dragon for a pet if he can find one. The illustrations, by Hanako Wakiyama, are my favorite part of this book. The clothes she illustrates for the mom rock! Ethan and Emma really liked the story too.

"When Mom Turned..." is a great story about a mom who turns into a monster when her children are not cooperative to her, and how they get her to change back into their mom. I love this story because I have had many days when I have turned into a monster myself.
After reading this book with the kids, I sometimes get them to be a little more cooperative by telling them I am going to turn into a green monster just like in the book. That injects a little humor into our situation, and they seem to become a little more cooperative!


Leslie said...

twilight zone that we both posted about children's books today! we'll have to check those out, they sound really cute. how are you feeling these days?

The Queen said...

That's a great idea. When I was little I read a book about a teacher whose class was out of control so one day a witch came instead and didn't leave until the class was good. Of course it was the teacher DRESSED as a witch. But James' teacher this year actually reminds me of the witch. No that I have told him that...