Sunday, October 15, 2006

Modern Miracles

No, not talking about the religious kind here... I am talking about the amazing things technology has brought us!

Today Elliott and Ethan got out a bunch of old photos we hadn't looked at in ages. Included in the plastic bin were our wedding photos, and an album. All the photos had been cropped, and organized, ready to put on pages, but I hadn't ever gotten to it. So, almost 9 years later, I finally put all the photos in the album.

I am so grateful for cameras. What a wonderful invention. They allow us to capture moments that may otherwise be forgotten. We saw many cute pictures of the kids, and remembered some good times. Elliott and I relived our wedding day and honeymoon, and had fun seeing all the poeple who came to support us for that wonderful day.

Cameras are truly an amazing invention. If you think about how a little box can capture an image and sear it onto paper, in color, it truly blows the mind. Then add to that the fact that nowadays the image can be uploaded "digitally" on wires to our computers (another amazing invention) and people all over the world can see it.

The knowledge and ability to do this is truly an amazing gift from God!


Pa said...

Amen. It is the joy of our lives to see and remember precious moments. Our Christmas book that you guys gave us with reflections of the grandkids in 2005 has been a great blessing in helping restore memories. Love you lots.

Carla said...

Can you post a few of your favorite photos? :)

The Queen said...

I agree. : )