Friday, October 27, 2006

The name game continues...

Stephanie tagged me for this game Leslie started, and since I have nothing to do while nursing, I thought I would play too!

The middle names of our kids are all grandparent names... That was the easy part, and we are thanking the angels that decide which spirit goes where, that we got 2 boys and 2 girls! :-)

The boys' first names were the hardest to come up with. We didn't decide on Andrew's name until 3 days before he was born. Elliott's family's suggestion of Mustaffah Habbib wasn't working for me! We threw around a lot of ideas, including Brent David, but
finally settled on Andrew, hoping he would never get the nickname Andy (although we don't mind Drew.) The name Andrew must have a magical smartness quality to it, because he is in the 2/3 grade combined gifted class at school, and there are 2 other Andrews!

Elliott came up with Ethan's name. I wanted to name him Isaac or Ian, but Elliott preferred Ethan, so we went with it. He thought Isaac David sounded a little too biblical!

Our first daughter is Emma Lauren. I have always loved both of those names, so it is convenient that Elliott's mom's name is Lauren! My favorite author is Jane Austen, and the title character in one of her books is Emma. I liked the name before it was repopularized by the movie based on the book!

Little Sophie Carla got her first name from her Dad. When we named Emma, we talked about having our next daughter's name be Abigail, and we would call her Abby for short. But on Elliott's side of the family there is a Sophie, and on my side there are several Sophia's in the family histories, so Elliott brought up Sophie as a name, and I loved it! Plus, it helped us break a trend of naming our kids with vowels to start their names.

If Sophie had been a boy, she would have been Clayton Elliott.

So that is our story... Judy and Jenny... Tag, you're it!

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Leslie said...

that was fun! yay for nursing boredom!