Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes, that is what blogger is. Sophie is now almost 3 weeks old, and I haven't been able to post pictures since she was born. Aargh!!!
If I could figure out how to get my vox blog going, I would send you all to that link, but I don't seem to have time to mess around with it lately. Wonder why not?


Leslie said...

i hope it works soon! i can't wait to see how she's changing. keep trying! :)

The Queen said...

Dang. Blogger is being a bit odd still with me. For some reason Jenny's (and it does seem to only be Jenny) comments get posted a few hours after she has left them. Weird. Guess that's why it's free though.

Jenny said...

Blogger is finally working again for me. I hope you have better luck soon - we love seeing pictures of Sophie. :)