Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some good books

On Stephanie's blog recently, my MIL posted a comment that we should let our children see us reading often. My children certainly have no dearth of this... I am constantly reading books, magazines, newspapers, and anything else I can... I LOVE to read.

I thought I would start a little list of some of the great books I have read lately.

"13 Moons" by Charles Frazier (author of Cold Mountain). My MIL actually loaned this to us. It is good, although at the end it does drag on a little. Warning, this book has adultery in it, if you don't like to read that sort of thing. It tells the story of a white boy who becomes an adopted member of an Indian tribe several years before the Civil War.

"Harry Potter" by JK Rowling. I recently read the first 6 books, and can't wait for the last to come out in June.

"Mr. Darcy takes a Wife" and "Darcy and Elizabeth", by Linda Berdoll. These are sequels to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", also a great book! Warning, these books are not for the faint of heart; The Darcys, according to this author, have a very passionate marriage. This author is a good story teller, and she uses fun words like "perfervid", "pulchritude", and "concupiscence".

Po Bronson's, "Why Do I Love These People". Narratives of real people dealing with family situations. Some are very touching, in other's you wonder what the people could possibly have been thinking, and are grateful for your own family.

Another from my MIL... "On a Highland Shore" by Kathleen Givens. A novel about a Scottish woman back in the time of the Vikings. I really liked this book, and pretty much neglected house and home to get it read in 2 days!

Lately I really enjoy biographies... My recommendations:
"Mary Tudor: the Spanish Tudor" by HFM Prescott
"Elizabeth the Great" by Elizabeth Jenkins
"Christina, Queen of Sweden" by Veronica Buckley


The Queen said...

Hmmm, I may have to "borrow" some books while I am out there!

Leslie said...

good for you ginger. even though now i am only a night-blogger, this little baby of mine needs to be held, standing up, at all times. books are out. :(

Pa said...

your reading tastes are exactly like mine! i warned you that 13 moons wasn't as good as cold mountain. what does perfervid mean anyway?