Monday, January 22, 2007

Predictions/Resolutions 2007

When I was growing up, we had a tradition each January that we would spend one evening making predictions and resolutions (usually having to do with mom getting pregnant or our grades!), and reading the previous year's list.

I decided it is a tradition I would like to continue within my family, so tonight we spent family home evening composing our own resolutions and predictions.

Daddy -
1. Emma will learn how to read this year.
2. Sophie will learn how to walk this year.

Mommy -
1. I will post a story at least once a month on my family history blog.
2. I will be back to a size 6 by the time we go to Hawaii in June.
3. I will be released as the primary president.

Andrew -
1. I will have a Pokemon theme birthday party
2. I will participate in golf again this summer.
3. My Lego team will win an award this year.

Ethan -
1. I will lose my first tooth.
2. I will win a race.
3. I will get a (Pokemon) Charizar darkside EX card

Emma -
1. It will snow on Christmas Day, 2007

Sophie -
1. I will be the cutest Colts cheerleader ever... Causing them to finally win the Superbowl!


Anonymous said...

so cute. i love them all, and i'm glad ethan hasn't lost a tooth yet. audrey hasn't either, and all of her friends have!

Anonymous said...

Those were great predictions, even if Ginger will never be released as PrimaryPrez.
I guess Sophie wins a prize for the earliest prediction to come true!