Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

These adorable cheeks are the result of an hour or more of outside play on Wednesday... I finally made them come in because I thought their cheeks looked like they were going to get frostbite! A cup of hot cocoa later, they were back to normal color.


Barbara said...

It is soooo cold there. Those little rosy cheeks are evidence of the cold and yes they are adorable. Glad you brought them in.
Love and Hugs

The Queen said...

They are so cute. It looks like they were having so much fun.

stephanie said...


my kids were at the park today in shorts and a sun dress. it was 78. i keep forgetting that it is cold in most parts of the country right now. you guys need to come visit.

Leslie said...

ya, that does look a little dangerous, especially ethan's cheeks. they look more purple than red. i guess that's how you get accustomed to it!