Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Colts!

That's right... after Monday I can't imagine what the newspapers here in town will have to write about. Their 3-week long football headline streak will be over; Tomorrow night the Colts finally have their chance at a Superbowl title.

To show her team spirit, Sophie will be wearing her Colt's cheerleading uniform to church tomorrow... When in Rome (hehehe).

Ethan's homework assignment for the coming week? "Write three sentences describing what happened during the Colt's Superbowl game."


Leslie said...

she's wearing that to church? that is so very crazy. :)
love the new look of your blog, and your profile pic is so cute!
do they really expect 5-year-olds to sit through the super bowl long enough to fulfill that assignment? i guess they could always ask their dads. is the ward who meets in the afternoon cancelling church? :)

Carla said...

When I first glanced at your new blog page and saw the photo, I thought 'that's Elizabeth'...
love the new look.

The Queen said...

that is so hilarious that the state is so into it. And I want to see pictures of Sophie in her outfit at church. I don't believe you. She is awfully cute in it though.

Lyle said...

Holy cow, that's their homework assignment? I suppose there is some value to teaching a child to be informed on popular events. Of course, 3 sentences on the Grammy's would be pushing it a bit far.

stephanie said...

your blog looks great. people in indiana are crazy about the colts.