Thursday, February 22, 2007


Check out this mermaid Emma drew at church on Sunday... Doesn't she look just like Ariel?


The Queen said...

uh... :) Good job Emma!!

Leslie said...

another budding artist, in the grand tradition of ethan. :)
very good!

Barbara said...

I would say that this is a pretty advanced drawing. Ariel has 2 eyes a nose and a mouth and hair and even a fish body and tail fin. One iof the tests for kindergarten readyness is to see if they can draw a man and put in eyes,nose mouth,belly button,hair,ears etc. Frame it for her and label it!
Love and Hugs

stephanie said...

seeing your new header brings me so much happiness.

i love little kid drawings. do you guys want to move to arizona, too? i think mabel and emma would be good friends.

Carla said...

The drawing looks much happier than Ariel. :)