Saturday, March 03, 2007

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Elliott's computer randomly generates pictures on the sidebar, and this one just popped up... It reminds me of the fun we had this summer in California.

But that isn't what this post is about. This post is about relationships.

My dear husband, Elliott, is not a big fan of Valentines Day or anniversaries. I think part of the problem is he doesn't like spending money unnecessarily... but what he says is that if these holidays are the only day you show appreciation to your loved one, there is a serious problem in your household, and if you show your love often enough, your shouldn't need a special holiday to say how you feel.

I have to say, I agree. Frankly, the only reason I like for him to get me something is so that he doesn't seem like a cad when the other women ask what he did for me.

Mother's day is another one of those holidays that has become a mass marketing bummer, even at church. Our ward has grown significantly, and all the auxiliaries had their budgets held at the level from the previous years. This means that although I used to have only 35 kids in Primary, I have the same operating budget now that I have 90. It is harder to do the fun stuff that makes the kids enjoy their activities. I guess that is why I was shocked when Elliott became the Sunday School president, and was entrusted with a $400 budget for Mother's Day gifts from the ward. I mean, I think that money could be better spent than on roses that don't usually make it past the first hour of Primary!

My suggestion is that the Priesthood instead have a lesson on honoring wives and mothers, and how to teach those principles to your sons. Elliott could teach it... Tonight not only did he run to the grocery store in the snow, he brought home roses... for Emma, because she always loves them and wants to get them. For me, he brought Peeps. Now that is love!


Leslie said...

here, here! $400 is insane. they could at least get a clue and hand out chocolate instead.
and how nice of your hubby to show his love so sweetly. neal's at the store for me right now, but i don't hink he's getting us flowers. probably a mango. ;)

Carla said...

Elliott's got it down pat. :)
PS I love you.
(Does it count for Mothers to say it? We've been trying to show love for most of our lives, but too often it gets lost in the 'that's your *job*, it doesn't count to show you love me' attitude.)

Jenny said...

$400 does seem like a lot. Last year, our ward gave the mother's instrumental hymns cds. I liked that a lot better than a marigold that wouldn't last a week. :) Good luck with your primary budget. Yikes. And 90 kids sounds like a huge primary. We have about 50 kids in ours.

The Queen said...

That is so ridiculous! I hate those dumb flowers. Especially since it's any woman over 18. Good job Elliott!! Two years ago Loi brought me a piece of chocolate cake and so I told him that from now on he just needed to do that for me. Although I did have to remind him this year. ;)