Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tonight Andrew had a headache, so I gave him two Tylenol meltaways to help the ache go away faster. He popped them in his mouth, and asked if he was supposed to swallow them.
"No," I said, "chew them." So he drank some water, chewed up the tablets, and spit them into the sink. I exasperatedly asked him why he did that, and his response was,
"You said I wasn't supposed to swallow them!"


Barbara said...

Now that's funny! He did what you told him though. Love em!

stephanie said...

that is funny. have you ever tried the tylenol go tabs? don't. they are disgusting.

The Queen said...

Lol, smart kid!

Elizabeth said...

Ahahahahah..... hilarious. What a smartypants.

Carla said...

When I was about eight years old, I wanted to heat up some chocolate milk I had combined in a small plastic juice glass. My grandmother told me to heat it up in the sauce pan.
So I did. :)
She smelled the plastic burning, realized why I had placed the glass of chocolate milk in the pan and thought it pretty funny.