Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is your house a House of Order?

I was just released as the Primray President this past week. Just shy of two years, and yes, that does make me feel like a bit of a failure. But I am also ecstatic that I no longer have the burden and responsibility. I feel such relief at not being constantly bombarded with thoughts about what we can and should be doing or changing in Primary.

The last year in Primary was quite difficult for me. I went through my pregnancy with Sophie, during which I was VERY sick for the first few months, had a small break, and then became so over-sized and swollen it got hard to even move. I also had issues with counselors; One left her 3 kids and husband to go do her own thing, the others were unavailable to me right after I had Sophie because one was put in as the Relief Society President, her replacement got pregnant and was really sick, one had a baby in the beginning of December, and my secretary is in the process of selling her house and moving to California. Needless to say, I found myself trying to do a lot to ease the burdens they felt, and combined with trying to keep my busy household in order, it just wasn't working.

So I prayed fervently, and the Lord in His goodness inspired the Bishopric to release me. I will definitely miss Primary... I wish all it required was giving sharing time lessons. I will miss being in the same classes with my kids, but I am grateful to be able to concentrate on my family more.

This website may be just what I need to get myself organized. I can't seem to stay on top of everything that goes on around here now that sweet little Sophie has arrived. Especially keeping up with all the schoolwork Andrew and Ethan have. Little person #6 seems to have increased the laundry exponentially, and recently my children have decided that rather than putting things away, they would rather drop stuff out of their hands onto the floor. Since I'm not a great housekeeper anyway, you can imagine the disorder and mayhem.

As I sit here typing, Sophie is looking up at me with her sweet little face. That makes it all worth it!


Leslie said...

neal and i were just discussing this. i am so worn out all the time, and there is always another chore looming over me, just nagging at me to be done. he, in typical boy fashion, said that i just need to let it go a little bit. i agree, but it's hard. i beat myself up if my house isn't clean, which it isn't, and all that stress just isn't worth it. there are more important things (like miles and sophie's cute faces). it's a constant battle either way, i think.
and congrats on the release. what a relief, for your whole family no doubt.

joojierose said...

congrats on getting released ginger - i'm sure you'll be dearly missed in primary! and your house always looks clean when i've seen it.

Barbara said...

Know you are glad you are released. It is a big enough job to do all of the things a mom needs to do without the outside pressure. There will be other callings I am sure but for now hope you can just enjoy your family.
Love and Hugs

Jenny said...

Wasn't that one of your goals??? :) Thinking about being released is bitter-sweet to me, for the same reasons you've said. I think in our primary we've been really blessed this past few months while I've been home with Ruby so much. I'm a little nervous that things will all fall apart again when I'm back.

I hadn't seen that website before, but she teaches a House of Order class here as part of community education. I took it a few years ago, and learned a lot. I'm constantly refering to what "my teacher" said, and John knows just who I'm talking about. Her ideas really do work, but I've stopped using them and keep planning to go back . . . or get a maid. (yeah right)

Carla said...

Why don't you purchase the book and let me borrow it? :)

Elizabeth said...

Ahahah... that's great. Congratulations on getting released. What do you think you'll get next?

Charlotte said...

Have you read "Sidetracked Home Executives"? I think that is were that lady got her ideas. I've been using the 3x5 card method for doing chores for years and it works great. My house isn't spotless (my sister who gave me the book does have a spotless house)but it looks good and I'm not stressed about it!

Marie Ricks said...

For anyone interested in learning more about home organization, please feel free to use me as a resource, a place to ask questions, to make comments, and to even complain (who doesn't need someone who understands once in a while). Organization is an ongoing process, even in my life as my seasons and circumstances change. Take care and thanks for including me in your life's journey. Marie Ricks, 801-766-8668,