Thursday, March 22, 2007

Look what I can do!

Sophie turned 5 months old on Monday, and has been just a little gigglier ever since. She also learned how to roll from her back to her tummy today. It took a good 10 minutes, but she was quite proud of herself in the end.

For a while, her arm was the only thing keeping her from rolling all the way to her stomach. She managed to get it to this point while I was getting the camera.

Here she is completely turned. I guess it is time to start putting her to sleep in her crib!

We also bought her rice cereal yesterday, and one of these days I may try feeding it to her. It might be because she is my last baby, but I am a little reluctant to start her on solids. I think she will be ready soon. She pays lots of attention every time we eat, to the point where I feel a little bit bad about eating in front of her!

She will probably be getting her hair trimmed soon too. I hate to do it, but Elliott has been mentioning it for a while, and it is always in her face... Clips only seem to hold half of her bangs, and the rest fall into her eyes!


The Queen said...

She is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you guys lived here!!!

Leslie said...

where do you even begin to trim hair like that?
seriously! the front, the sides? i'd be nervous, but it's probably a good idea.
she is too cute for words. :)

Jenny said...

Hurray for Sophie! She's getting so big. Love the smile. :)

stephanie said...

guy, ginger, she really is so cute!

Carla said...

Where's the video??
That baby is too cute for words.