Sunday, March 25, 2007

neat design idea

I love this idea for decorating... I think it would be cool to paint the hoops white, and then put big floral fabrics, like this
in them. Wouldn't that brighten up my laundry room?


Barbara said...

Ginger this is a great idea. We did something very similar in the 60's and used different patterns. Yes the 60's are in again!
Love you

Leslie said...

how funny-i have a friend who just posted those same things the other day, but from a different site. i'll see if i can find the link for you--just for variety. ;)

joojierose said...

thanks so much for your comment ginger. it seriously, seriously made my day. :) love you, jooj.

Jenny said...

cute idea. i'm pretty sure my boys would get them down and use them as shields though. :)

The Queen said...

Love those fabrics!

Carla said...

That would add a little color on the walls. There are square hoops and you can hot-glue the ruffle onto the outside.
But, as if you need to buy more fabric! ha ha ha