Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sophie's first hair cut

Elliott has been begging me to let him trim Sophie's hair for a few weeks, so this afternoon I finally let him get out the scissors. Here she is before the cut:
Enjoying herself during the session:

Almost done:
The final product!
Sophie says, "Thanks Daddy!"


Jenny said...

She looks beautiful in her new hair cut! It looks like she was a good girl during the cut. :) Yeah Sophie!

Leslie said...

just about the cutest thing i've seen since miles went to bed. :)

can't wait to meet her!

The Queen said...

Oh no!!! I love her poofy hair!! Still adorable though!!! And we STILL haven't given David a haircut yet, though I've often wondered if I should.

Barbara said...

Sophie is soooo adorable. I hope all the curls are still there. Think she is happy with her hair do -at least that smiley picture says so. Such a little chunk -just want to squeeze her!
Love you much

joojierose said...

beyond words cute.

Pa said...

we love the one where she is checking herself out in the mirror! she seemed to take it all very well and she looks beyond adorable!! pa and bama

stephanie said...

love it!

Carla said...

I can't tell who is prouder... Daddy or Baby?
Did you save her hair?
So, so cute!

Natalie said...

you're so lucky all you P* women have such lovely hair - when ever I see your photos, I feel like everyone at my house is bald - someday, right? :D