Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break (long, sorry!)

Today is the first unofficial day of Spring Break. Unofficial because it is actually a"flex" day, meaning if we had enough days of school cancelled for snow, this wouldbe the make-up day, but luckily, everyone got to stay home.

In order to not drive me crazy, I started an incentive program for the week with the kids. They each got a special prize that they are working for. They earn points by doing what I ask the first time I ask, and once they earn 100 points they get their prize. So far, Emma and Ethan have been wracking up points, and Andrew doesn't seem interested, although hopefully that will change soon.

We started our little vacation today by straightening our house, and then we were off to the library, Target, and Wendy's as a special lunch treat. This week we plan to do several crafts, visit the Zoo, and later in the week Elliott and I are taking the kids to Chicago. It's going to be a fun week!

By the way, Wendy's has a yummy (for fast food) salad... the Mandarin Chicken. Just be careful; with the dressing, the salad is 550 calories!


stephanie said...

i love that salad. my baby loves it, too.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a fun week - good incentives too!
Love and Hugs

Leslie said...

mmmmm frosties. didn't you get frosties? that's how we celebrated our good news about Miles the other night. :) have a fun week!