Friday, March 09, 2007

Style trends

Leslie has probably noticed these trends, but it has been a while since I was looking at "regular" clothes. I thought I would hold out a little while longer, but I am tired of wearing the same two pairs of pants over and over, so I have decided to take the plunge and attempt to be a semi-fashionable momma! Of course, I don't think most of the people here in Indiana are into fashion... will they really know that these shirtdresses are in all the stores right now? (This one is at Banana Republic)

Or how about camo-style capris (these ones are from Ann Taylor Loft, JCREW has a cuter pair!)? I am trying to decided if this is going to be one of those trends that is only for those of us that are trying way too hard!
Actually, I am spending quite a bit of time looking, but then I add up the cost of how much everything I want is, and I feel a little sick, and I can't decide what to weed out, and then I end up not getting anything. And then I type the word 'and' way too much on my blog. Ha!
It's okay babe, I guess you won't be needing those smelling salts after all!


The Queen said...

I love "cameo" stuff. That dress is way cute too.

Elizabeth said...

I totally love those styles. I just bought myself a shirtdress a couple months ago and it's sooooo stylish and comfy.
I also love the look of capris, but I think my thighs are too fat for me to pull them off. Bummer!